we’re off on a #HawaiiFrolic!


Ten years ago, Paul and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii – two glorious weeks of sun, water and great eats – one week each on Oahu and Kauai. We came home with a love of all things Hawaii – the fresh fruit, the sun, the laid-back lifestyle and the amazing Aloha spirit.

Back then, this little blog wasn’t even an idea in my head yet, so, while we ate really well (fresh fruit on the side of the road, dinners at the amazing The Beach House, A Pacific Cafe, and House Without a Key), and event saimin noodles at McDonalds, we didn’t really capture any of it on film or in words.

We also promised each other that we would be back for our 10-year anniversary.

Well folks, here it is! We are jetting off to Oahu to spend 10 days (including our 10th anniversary!) in Hawaii!

We’re recreating a “mini” version of our honeymoon! We’re staying at the same hotels and renting the same cars but this time, we’re eating EVERYTHING!

LOL. But seriously, since we did a lot of the “tourist” things last time we were in Hawaii, we’re hoping to spend most of this vacation just relaxing on beaches and eating some great local finds. We’ve jotted down lots of recommendations from friends and local Hawaiian bloggers, mapped a line-up of food trucks to chase and made a list of some Hawaiian specialties we MUST try. And we’ll be sharing all our food finds and experiences on Twitter and Instagram while we’re there, with a few blog posts to come once we get home.

Want to see what we get up to in Hawaii? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and also watch for my hashtag #HawaiiFrolic to see all the fun!

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