The World Map of Coffee {infographic}

I’m definitely one of those people that loves coffee – the smell, the taste, everything. I also enjoy my coffee in a variety of ways – hot, cold, iced, as ice cream, etc. Yes, I love my coffee. So this infographic is a lot of fun for me – not only does it have various locations in the world that produce coffee (along with their distinctive coffee characteristics), plus some of the more popular coffee recipes of various countries.

~ About Infographic Fridays ~

I love geeky facts. And I love food. So, when you combine them into food infographics…
I’m in food geek heaven!

I’ve decided to share some of the most interesting and/or useful food infographics that I’ve come across. Every Friday (or most Fridays), I’ll post a food-related infographics. You can also check out more food infographics by visiting my Pinterest board.

The World Map of CoffeeSource: Coffee In My Veins

Disclosure: I was sent this infographic for consideration by the creator. I did not receive any compensation for posting this infographic – I just thought it was interesting enough to share in my Infographic Fridays series. Please read my disclosure policy for more information.

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