cupcakes & muffins

pumpkin spice cupcakes

pumpkin spice cupcakes {recipe}

For Thanksgiving (which we celebrate in October here in Canada), Paul’s family always gets together for a big turkey feast. Everyone contributes a little…

beer cupcakes

frothy beer cupcakes {recipe}

I wasn’t all that surprised when Paul’s brother, Mike, chose “beer” as his birthday cupcake flavour – Mike is a big fan of beer….

lemon curd cupcakes

lemon curd cupcakes {recipe}

My mother-in-law chose “lemon pudding” as her birthday cupcake flavour, which really put my mind into a tailspin. Lemon pudding? In a cupcake? How…

chocolate Nutella cupcakes

chocolate nutella cupcakes {recipe}

Both my brother-in-law, Dave, and my sister-in-law, Alex, answered with an emphatic “chocolate” when I asked them what flavour they wanted their birthday cupcakes…