the ontario gas bbq recipe challenge and me (#OGBChallenge)

OGB Challenge

Sometimes I agree to do crazy things without thinking them through first.

For example, when the awesome folks at Ontario Gas BBQ (OGB), the world’s largest BBQ store, invited me to take part in a grilling challenge, I thought it would be a great opportunity to whip up some BBQ recipes, and quickly accepted.

Great idea, right? Um, yes, except when you consider that I rarely grill. Did I say “rarely”? I meant “never”. Grilling is Paul’s territory. I can turn ON the BBQ, but whenever I’m in charge of the grill, I’m usually bugging Paul every 5 minutes for help.

But I still accepted the challenge. Why? I figured that, if nothing else, at least it would be a opportunity for me to become more familiar with grilling techniques. (Watch for “The Top 9 Things the #OGBChallenge Taught Me” on this blog next week!)

To help me on my way, OGB sent me five different grilling tools (Yay! More gadgets to play with!) and some recipe guidelines: each recipe had a specific main ingredient, cultural influence and meal type (breakfast, dessert, etc).

All this week I, along with four other food-lovers/bloggers will be revealing our recipes – five recipes in five days. That’s 25 grilling recipes! You can find out more about the #OGBChallenge and my competitors here.

On a side note – my competitors? Eep! Let’s just say that a couple of them actually have “Recipe Developer” in their titles (as opposed to my “Eater” title, LOL). Plus, one of them has a COOKBOOK coming out later this year that I already had on my “must-have” list before I knew she was taking part in this challenge! To say I’m playing amongst pros is an understatement. but I won’t be deterred! Hopefully, this friendly competition with them will bring out the best in me!

After all the recipes are revealed, the OGB Judging Panel will choose one recipe from each blogger to move onto the Main Event! That’s where YOU come in. Throughout the month of July, you can vote for the recipe you like best (fingers crossed it will be mine!) and crown the #OGBChallenge winner. Plus, just by voting, you’ll be entered to win a weekly prize of a $100 gift card to OGB so you can “get your grill on” too!

I’ll be sharing more details about the voting and prizes as we get closer to July, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my grilling adventures!

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