{this list goes to 11} my favourite cookbooks of 2017

Favourite Cookbooks 2017There were A LOT of amazing cookbooks and food books released in 2017 so it was tough to narrow this list down, but I’ve managed to choose 11 of my favourites that were released this past year. I’m positive I’ve left some very worthy books off this list – some on purpose, others by accident and the rest because I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet!

So have a read through my list (the books are listed in no particular order) and then hit the comments with your own favourite food books of 2017!

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BraveTart by Stella ParksStella is a major baking goddess (can you tell that I’m a huge fan?). Of all the cookbooks that I had on my wishlist for 2017, this was at the very top and I wasn’t disappointed. BraveTart covers a whole bunch of classic American desserts, from chocolate chip cookies to Blueberry Muffins and adds in useful tips, suggestions for variations and interesting historical tidbits as well. I can’t wait to cook my way through this entire book and will be posting a full review soon.

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Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin NosratThis is more of a textbook than a cookbook because it is just full of information and instructional techniques. I love the illustrations, infographics and all the handy tips. It’s an easy-to-understand approach to “kitchen science” and explains the basic elements of cooking, with the goal of making recipes less intimidating and easier to approach.

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Smitten Kitchen Every Day by Deb PerelmanI love finding cookbooks that feature recipes that look impressive, taste great, but are not complicated, and it’s no surprise that Deb Perelman, who writes the popular blog, Smitten Kitchen, has put out a cookbook that achieves that. With recipes like Sticky Toffee Waffles, Three Cheese Pasta Bake, Gooey Oat Bars and Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Cake, Smitten Kitchen Every Day is filled with tempting recipes that won’t have you slaving for hours in the kitchen.

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Hong Kong Diner by Jeremy PangMy parents came to Canada via Hong Kong and I spent many happy summers there, where my fondest memories always seemed to revolve around the food. So when I saw Hong Kong Diner, I knew I had to pick i tup. Filled with recipes of Hong Kong’s street food like curried fish bslls, razor clams with black bean chilli, and bubble tea, this cookbook gives me everything I need to recreate some great street food dishes.

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Duchess Bake Shop by Giselle CourteauAs readers of my blog know, I generally love baking more than I love cooking so when I saw this cookbook, I couldn’t resist. Besides having the famous Duchess Bake Shop macaron recipe, the book is also filled with recipes for both the lovely things you’d expect to find in a French patisserie (like Pain au Chocolat and Brioche) and Canadian classics (like Saskatoon Pie, Butter Tarts and a Tourtiere). But don’t get me wrong, even though these sweet treats sound fancy, the recipes are easy to understand and follow.

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Sweet by Yotam Ottolenghi & Helen Goh Yet another winning cookbook from Yotam Ottolenghi, his latest offering focuses on sweets, baked goods other desserts. With ingredients like fig, rose petals, saffron, pistachio and cinnamon, the recipes included in this book are a bit more exotic than what I’m generally used to. Considering Ottolenghi began his cooking career as a pastry chef, you know his dessert recipes are going to be fantastic.

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Tartine All Day by Elisabeth PrueittThis cookbook includes recipes that will take you from breakfast to dinner, plus dessert. The recipes are straightforward and covers a range of of dishes, including a range of gluten-free options. With the wide range of recipes covered in this book, it can easily become your one go-to cookbook.

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Sally's Cookie Addiction by Sally McKenneyWhen I first started finding my way around the kitchen, Sally’s Baking Addiction was one of the blogs I visited constantly for recipes and inspiration. I had so many successes with her recipes, so I’m a huge fan of her cookbooks. McKenney’s latest cookbook focuses on cookies and bars and includes tips on how to bake the perfect cookie. I have several cookie-heavy cookbooks on my shelf already but this is already one of my favourites.

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Eat Delicious by Dennis PrescottPrescott has one of those Instagram accounts worth drooling over. And his cookbook completely reflects that with stunning photography and fun, comfort food recipes that taste as good as they look. There’s a huge range of dishes covered in this book, including Matcha Mint Chip Ice Cream, Brioche Doughnuts and Garam Masala Beer Mussels. I originally hadn’t planned to buy this book, but I picked it up on a whim and now I’m so glad I did. There are so many recipes that I want to try it’s hard picking which one to do next. It’s definitely one of those books that I could see myself cooking from cover to cover.

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Pizza Camp by Joe BeddiaI can’t resist a good pizza cookbook, and Bon Appetit calls Joe Beddia’s pizzas “the best pizza in America.” This book isn’t just about fancy toppings, it walks you through the foundation of a good pizza – the dough, the sauce and the cheese. After learning the basics, then the creative toppings begin. The cookbook is designed by Walter Green, who was the Art Director of Lucky Peach, so you know that it’s going to be a visually stunning book. Considering how much pizza we eat at our place, this book is definitely going to get a workout!

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Toronto Eats by Amy RosenTo be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of the City Cooks guides from Figure 1 Publishing. I have most of them and they are all superb, but the one that makes this list, of course, is the one that covers my hometown of Toronto. This is actually the second in the series to cover Toronto and it’s just as good as the first. Following the same format as the other City Cooks books, this one again features over 100 signature recipes from some of the city’s top chefs, along with their stories. Love, love, love this series and can’t wait for even more cities to be covered.

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However, I am part of the Amazon affiliate program and the links shared in this post are affiliate links – if you click them and purchase the product (or any other product during your visit), I’ll receive a very tiny commission fee (at no extra cost to you) which helps me keep this site running. 

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